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Stranden van Istrië


Beaches of Istria

Anyone who has ever been to Istria knows that every beach can be different. Anyone who has been much more often also knows that there are many beaches that you would like to visit or visit again. What I am writing about this time are short descriptions of beaches I have been to and have found myself. Now that we have been living here for a few years, it is a challenge for us to show something new every time friends come.
As a google legacy with 2 million views on my photos and videos in 2018, it is also the challenge for me to put many locations on the map. In addition, I also write reviews with the experiences we have had at that location. This way I and many other readers can read all about it.
Lets start in Northern Istria. We dont come around Umag that much. There will also be a huge change in the coming years. There they will adjust the boulevard so that everyone can drive along the water / beach.
A beach at Umag
This route will be miles long. There was a lot of resistance to this because the parking-free areas were also endangered. The old ports are also likely to disappear. So for this year it is recommended to put these images on your retina.
The boats at Umag


Also with the many beaches a nice area to enjoy the salty water. From city beaches to the recreational area. Here too you have the opportunity to stroll along the water for a long time, enjoy the sun or even a massage.
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Cervar Porat

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Gratis mountainbike tour rondom Porec


Free Poreč MTB Tours

Rijd op onverharde paden of asfalt wegen met weinig verkeer door de pittoreske bossen, olijfgaarden, wijngaarden, bijna verlaten dorpen, en eindigen uw tour met een lange rit langs de kust.

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